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Open seven nights a week, Spider House Ballroom specializes in a variety of events with an attached bar that specializes in hand crafted cocktails, as well as local, craft beers on tap, and nightly drink specials.

Spider House Ballroom is a premier events venue in the heart of Central Austin directly attached to the legendary Spider House Patio Bar & Cafe; a room designed for private functions with two stages and a full bar. Complete with it’s own cozy outdoor patio, and Lots of Free parking spaces in our parking lot and on the street on West, East, 29th, 30th and along around the Hemphill park.

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Unlimited Gaming $9.99

Texas Gamers Lounge is a premier gaming lounge serving all gaming fans in central Texas. From Atari to PS4. Asteroids to Street Fighter V to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We represent all things gaming and gamer related! Tourneys, hangouts, casuals, and more.
open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6pm-2am Saturday noon – 2am Sunday 3pm-2am

Spider House Ballroom Photo Gallery

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